The Fayetteville Observer

By Michael Futch

Early in her life, Patricia Timmons-Goodson aspired to become a singer.

Instead, she found her voice on the bench, devoting 28 years of her life to judiciary service before retiring in 2012. She advanced through the ranks after starting as a 29-year-old lawyer appointed to serve as a District Court judge of the 12th Judicial District of North Carolina during the mid-1980s. Her judicial career also was marked by distinguished work on the North Carolina Court of Appeals and the state Supreme Court.

Through the years, she has made a difference in the lives of many.

“It represented a unique opportunity to serve the people first of Cumberland and Hoke counties and then the entire state of North Carolina,” Timmons-Goodson said. “Our laws in our courts are extremely important. We as a state and nation enjoy a stability that is directly related to our courts. The ability of our courts to peacefully resolve disputes aids in the stability of our business and our government, and to know that you’re playing a role in part of that was especially gratifying.

“I always felt like I was making a difference,” she said in a soft-spoken voice that would not be out of place on National Public Radio. “So not just a difference in the life of the parties appearing before me, but also in the larger scheme of things.”

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